Our Travel Philosophy

Whenever we travel, I always like to research ahead to see what we might be interested in. Sometimes we have a specific goal, but often we don’t. First on my list is food, which is a necessity but also a great joy in our lives. I like to see what local specialties are, where people think is good, and also what won’t break the bank. Yelp is my go-to helper on the eating front but travel and city guides are often helpful too. After that, we like to be outside so I check out green spaces, parks and other outdoor attractions before moving on to cultural attractions like museums and places of interest. We want to travel as much as possible and don’t have a large budget so we are always looking for things that are cheap or free (happy hours, state-run museums, outside attractions, historical buildings etc.). Alex maps out our routes, being sure to include cool landforms and architecture if possible.

As geographers, we are really interested in how things connect together and that often leads us to some out-of-the-way, but interesting places. We really try to get a cohesive picture of an area when we go, which is why we have a hard time sitting still but also get to see a lot. However, we try not to burn ourselves out (which we learned the hard way of course) and so try to spend two days (three is even better) in a place if possible, though sometimes a quick stop is all we can manage.  We still never quite make it to all the places on our list but do end up in places we never looked into, all part of the adventure. flexibility and a good attitude are things we never travel without.

As for lodging, our new favorite way to travel is with airbnb, a travel site that connects locals and travelers. You can rent a room or a whole place and not only is it a more authentic experience than you get from a hotel, but it is also often cheaper and usually an adventure! Through airbnb, we have rented a vintage airstream trailer, a tiny house, an urban apartment, a cabin in the woods and many other places, some of which take us to areas we would not have otherwise seen. The people are great too, often willing to guide you around the area or at least offer some great tips (we never would have found that swimming hole in Vermont without help).

We have traveled together mostly in the United States, a geography so vast it’s sometimes hard to believe it’s all part of the same country. One of my bucket list items is to go to all 50 states (27 down, 23 to go), so lots of our travels are domestic. We are planning some international trips as well, with Southeast Asia topping the list. Hopefully we’ll be seeing Vietnam and Thailand within a year, though that plan may change to include different countries (Cambodia, Indonesia) depending on unrest in the region.

Follow us on our adventures here!


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